A Timeless Tribute

A modern-day classic dressed with a timeless shape evoking unspeakable elegance. Designed to be enjoyed, the De Tomaso P72 harps back to the days of mechanical synergy between man and machine. Offered exclusively with a 6 - Speed manual transmission, this is a car that is bred to bridge the gap between generations.

De Tomaso P70

De Tomaso P72


Analogue nostalgia


60th Anniversary of De Tomaso

In 2019, we proudly debuted the first new project of our revival, the P72, a romantic homage to the De Tomaso P70. Taking design inspiration and visual queues from the original race car, the P72 creates a new segment with an unrivalled focus on driver engagement and analogue nostalgia.

My first impressions of the new De Tomaso are all so positive I hardly know where to begin.

Peter Brock — Originial De Tomaso P70 Designer

The exterior form is so well done it invites you to keep walking around, admiring every subtle detail.

Peter Brock — Originial De Tomaso P70 Designer

With its design and engineering I think the De Tomaso P72 will set a new standard.

Peter Brock — Originial De Tomaso P70 Designer

When I was told this new De Tomaso is an “homage” to my P70 Sports racer I was honored.

Peter Brock — Originial De Tomaso P70 Designer

Lightweight & Analogue Focused

Whilst having a cutting-edge, bespoke all carbon-fibre chassis the P72 features a design with perpetual beauty and a proper manual transmission - a car for all generations.

Extreme Lightweight Carbon Fibre Body

Contributing to the car's structural integrity but also imparting a remarkable sensation of lightness.

Encapsulating Glass Housing

The cabin's expansive visibility and airy lightness create an immersive driving environment, allowing occupants to fully experience their surroundings and feel at one with the road.

Bespoke Carbon Fibre Chassis

Meticulously engineered from the ground up, ensuring unparalleled performance and structural precision that stands as a unique hallmark of the brand.


5.0L Supercharged Engine

Delivering unhindered performance


900Nm of Torque

The perfect balance of useable power for the road

The beginning of a new chapter

The P72 remains highly exclusive with only 72 timepieces allocated worldwide. Starting MSRP €1.6M.